About Pacific Invertebrates

Our Mission

Our mission is to raise money for the conservation of Northeast Pacific marine ecosystems, and to educate the public through our graphic apparel, about marine invertebrates and their importance in marine ecosystems. 

About Pacific Invertebrates

Pacific invertebrates is an organization started by Andrew Drown, with the support of his wife Lisa, his son Liam, and his family and friends.

"I am a lover of graphic t-shirts and have always been bewildered that people will wear apparel carrying brand names and slogans or insignificant messages. For years I've been collecting t-shirts that have a meaning to me, that will spark conversation, make people laugh, or send out important messages. My love for the ocean led me to search for t-shirts portraying invertebrate species, and I was disappointed with what I found. This is where the idea for Pacific Invertebrates originated."

A large portion of the proceeds from the sale of our t-shirts go to Seaquaria, our conservation partner. We believe the Northeast Pacific has both extrinsic and intrinsic value, and must be cherished. It also has the power to teach us about the Ocean, and about ourselves. 



About Andrew Drown

Andrew grew up on the shores of Vancouver Island, and has spent countless hours beachcombing and learning about the marine intertidal zone. He completed his undergraduate degree in Marine Biology at the University of Victoria, before life took him to other places and other pursuits, but he has never lost his love for the intertidal habitats of the Northeast Pacific. 


Andrew is now a Math, Science and French teacher in Toronto Ontario, and his passion for teaching and his passion for the environment have come together as the organization Pacific Invertebrates. He believes that invertebrates are often overlooked, despite their abundance and ecological importance in Pacific marine ecosystems. He hopes that his t-shirt designs will help fund the conservation of Pacific marine habitats, and will educate the public in this age of environmental concern.