Our Conservation Partner


We are proud to partner with Seaquaria Ocean Education, a non-profit organization based on the west coast of British Columbia. We donate a large portion of our profits directly to Seaquaria. They feature programs that foster empathy, learning, and stewardship of the Pacific marine environment. These programs include the placement of salt-water aquariums in classrooms, classroom and beach visits with touch basins and microscope stations, a mobile aquarium to attend community events, and a naturehouse. A key element of their success is the great biodiversity of Pacific invertebrates in local waters. 

Their story

"Seaquaria was created by Joachim (Yogi) and Cathy Carolsfeld at Vic West Elementary in 1999, responding to a request by their own children and their teachers. The program now has 40 participating schools, in addition to community outreach, and a network of participating talented educators- some of whom are alumni of the original programs. Research programs by early-career scientists and summer students extend this learning a step further in community stewardship. The underlying theme is that fostering an emotional connection between youth and the environment leads to greatly improved learning, and a more sustainable future for all of us."

Their mission

"Since its creation Seaquaria has been committed to creating opportunities for youth to discover the beauty and complexity of their world for themselves. Only then can they begin to understand and value their world and take the steps needed to protect it. Through active learning students are involved in discovery through field trips and “place-based learning” that begins in their own classrooms and communities."

Find out more about Seaquaria here.